Unveiling Bias: How It Sneaks into Job Interviews and Strategies for Interviewers to Counteract It
Marsh Mackey

Job interviews, pivotal moments in career paths, are unfortunately not immune to the influence of bias. Unchecked, these biases can unfairly impact candidate evaluations, hindering the quest for diverse and talented teams. Understanding the ways bias creeps in is the first step towards creating equitable and inclusive hiring practices.

One prevalent bias is the similarity attraction effect, where interviewers gravitate towards candidates who remind them of themselves. To mitigate this, interview panels should be diverse, representing varied backgrounds and perspectives. This ensures a more holistic assessment of candidates based on skills and qualifications rather than superficial similarities.

Then there’s the halo effect, where one positive trait overshadows all other aspects of a candidate. Interviewers can combat this by focusing on specific job-related competencies and using structured interview questions that remain consistent across all applicants.

Confirmation bias, the tendency to seek out information that confirms preconceptions, can be challenged through objective evaluation criteria and avoiding leading questions.

Additionally, anchoring bias, the inclination to heavily weigh initial information, can be lessened by conducting multiple rounds of interviews or assessing candidates through blind evaluations.

By employing these strategies, interviewers can uphold fairness and objectivity, ensuring that the best candidate for the job is selected based on their skills, experiences, and potential, rather than the unconscious biases that often sneak into the interview room.

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