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Marsh Mackey

This year, I have been working on updating our website.  It’s been about 8-10 years’ since we did anything with it, so it was in real need of a revamp.

To kick-start the project, I started by contacting the local LEO to see if we qualified for a grant.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that, yes, we did.  I had initially thought that such grants were only available for start-ups, however, the information from LEO was very helpful and to be honest, I can’t speak highly enough of the team at LEO; the grant process was straightforward and very user friendly.

I would certainly recommend any SME’s out there thinking of updating/revamping their website to check out LEO for support.  With everything being so digitally driven now, in my view, websites are another arm to a business and should be utilised not only to create a digital profile/internet presence but to generate revenue streams.

The painful part of the website project was getting time to collate all the information needed, figuring out what I wanted to see, or more importantly, what others wanted to see, when they visited our website.

Also, I don’t speak IT, so dealing with Web developers and Internet security people was not the most enjoyable part of the process and could be frustrating at times, however, the experts working on the project with me understood my objectives and the end result is, user friendly and informative to the reader, while also pleasing to the eye in my view.

Now, we just need to get traffic to the website, so people can review job specs on current vacancies, apply for jobs and register for work with us more easily.

We hope everyone likes it. We’re looking forward to our official Website Launch soon ( and we’ll be having a Competition Giveaway so stay tuned to our Insta/socials over the coming weeks!!

Thanks for reading!
Marsh Mackey


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