Let’s chat, CHAT GPT4
Marsh Mackey

Someone asked me recently, tongue in cheek, if I thought the Robots will take over and will we (recruiters) be made redundant by technology?  I don’t ever feel too scared to answer No.  I believe too much in the human ability to communicate and connect, we have a conscience and feelings, that is something technology does not have, (unless a human writes a code for it!).

I remember when Indeed and LinkedIn were new to the market; the recruitment industry was a little weary as to how this would affect the Recruiters role in the recruitment process, however, as time has shown, these are merely tools to use and help improve our ability to do our jobs even more effectively.

I figure, for now, Chat GPT4 will run the same course.  As you may, or may not, know, Chat GPT4 is a large language model trained artificial intelligence that works on predictive language probabilities.  It doesn’t ‘understand’ what it’s doing, it works on the probability of what is next in the sequence of a sentence.  E.g 2, 4, 6 ….8  (it follows the sequence of 2).

I have dabbled a little with it and it is truly amazing – I’m not gunna lie, I used UseBert to produce an article on How Chat GPT4 affects the recruitment industry and it produced a 500-word article in about 5 seconds.

So, what this tool does, is save time, and for most people in business, we are time starved.  Having thought about it and how it would assist us in our recruitment business, I feel, yes, it can save time on scheduling interviews, sending reminders and it can even pre-screen cv’s, however, I would question it’s ability to match CV’s to job specs.  As we all know, what’s on paper doesn’t always match who you meet at interview.  So as a recruiter I feel safe as we’re the ones who can constructively assess candidate personality against our client culture and environment.

Saving time for recruiters who may write blogs, social media posts, email clients/candidates so they can get on with the interpersonal side of recruiting is definitely a plus, however, I would have concerns for the future, as technology moves so quickly, Chatgpt is only going to get more sophisticated, so perhaps employers, in the not too distant future, instead of investing in staff for a vacancy, may choose to invest in AI to do the job, and that does scare me!

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Marsh Mackey


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