Marsh Mackey

I had my daughter at the District Health Nurse recently for a developmental check (it went well, thanks) and the nurse mentioned that when we let children, say, choose their outfit for a day, or shoes, this can be a huge insight in their decision-making skills.

Obviously, we are all shaped and moulded by family and people around us, then later by what we experience in the workplace and through education, however, I thought it was so interesting, this small act can help someone develop their ability to make decisions.

It got me wondering about how this follows through to our adulthood.  Being very interested in the human mind and how we choose the things we choose in life, I reflected on how, many times, some candidates when making a decision about a job offer, can wobble a bit and begin to doubt themselves.

This usually leads to a conversation about the pros/cons of what they are doing and what the long-term objective is and the why.

Ultimately, I ask the question, what’s your Gut Feeling?

Is our ‘gut feeling’ linked to our experience of decision making as kids?  Let’s face it when we’re kids, we’re not concerned about houses/mortgages/spouses/family/travel – it’s just clear; I want my bottle mammy.

I know we all have to be practical too; as adults we have responsibilities, however, when, next time, you’re making a decision about your career move, maybe consider and trust your Gut Feeling on it.  You know more than you realise!

Thanks for reading!
Marsh Mackey


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