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As a recruitment consultant, I read many C.V’s.  What strikes me about so many, is that in many cases, it doesn’t capture the persons ‘life story’ which we all know is Curriculum Vitae translated.  Your C.V. needs to capture your skill set, qualifications and personal development so it’s important to get it right before the job hunt starts.

For those working with companies over a long period of time, take time to sit down and write out every detail of your duties; this can be harder then you think (bare in mind this list may be lengthy if you wear a number of different hats but stick with it).  Of course you don’t want to present a thesis to potential employers to it’s important to then make it concise, selecting the relevant skills that set you apart from others so any potential employer can easily follow your progression throughout your career.  Steer clear of paragraph format – bullet points are best.

For Students/Grads/ juniors, it is important to list any Intern/Work experience/ Retail/other experience you have as with most jobs, you’re dealing with customers, and customer satisfaction is paramount to all employers.  Your ability to either  handle cash and/or deal with customers are transferable skills to any chosen career path.

I would recommend mentioning your hobbies and achievements (sport and otherwise) as this adds personality to the C.V. and may create a talking point at interview, if called.

It’s your chance to promote yourself but remember it’s only on paper so getting the C.V. right could be the difference between being called for interview or not.

Best of luck on the job hunt! if you need any further tips, give me a buzz.

Tnx, Donna

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