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We help clients to help themselves to grow their business with confidence into the future. We are committed to providing a comprehensive service to a wide range of first / second generation owner managed businesses.

Mission Statement

Our Vision – A Dynamic Professional Practice in a Commercial Environment.

Mission: To provide an excellent professional service to our clients which will help them develop and sustain a strategy of profitable and sustainable growth in a rapidly changing environment.


1. To use our professional skills to prepare and audit accounts to the highest professional ethical standards and to report honestly and expeditiously on the results.

2. To analyse and interpret the results of our work with a view to providing our clients with management accounting information which will help them to understand the financial strengths and weaknesses of their enterprise and to plan for financially stable, profitable and sustainable growth in a rapidly changing environment.

3. To provide well informed tax advice to our clients which encourages compliance within the framework of skilful application of the law and practice to the Revenue code.

4. To create an environment of trust and integrity which encourages clients to seek our advice on professional and business situations.

5. To provide a professionally challenging and rewarding work experience for staff members which encourages in-depth professional development in a supportive environment.

6. To operate the practice in an efficient, cost effective manner, which produces value for the clients and reward for employees/partners.

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What can we do for you?

We help clients to help themselves to grow their business with confidence into the future. We are committed to providing a comprehensive service to a wide range of first / second generation owner managed businesses.

We offer these services to our clients globally, in our local regions of Navan, Meath, Louth, Westmeath and Cavan and the rest of Ireland and also to our international clients.

Authorised by Chartered Accountants Ireland to carry on Investment Business.

Registered to carry on Audit work in the UK by Chartered Accountants Ireland, details about our registration can be viewed at, under reference number 222972

Our range of services include:

Accounts Preparation:

Depending on the relative sophistication of the client records / systems we take the records, as presented, through to final accounts and review with client. Additionally more and more we find ourselves acting in support of the management review process, through the preparation of management accounts on a monthly / quarterly basis.

Audit and Governance:

Because of our on-going relationship with clients our audits are highly focused on the high risk areas of your business so that issues are identified early, tackled and resolved with the result that the audit is conducted efficiently and deadlines are met. Governance matters are ever-present now and we have integrated them into every facet of the audit so that clients are made aware of the significance of legislation impacting on corporate governance in the conduct of their affairs.

All our audits are Partner led supported by a team, which has an understanding of clients business.

Budget after budget piles more and more legislation onto an already extensive body of tax legislation, and thus the role of the tax practitioner becomes very important in determining how to interpret and apply this legislation, in the interest of the client.

Tax legislation is only one part of the problem; knowledge of decisions made by the Revenue, across a very broad range of issues, and knowledge gained in particular negotiations with the Revenue, is a critical part of the practitioners ability to make a case for discussions with the Revenue, using precedent as a guideline.

We are confident that our taxation department, have the skills to help you advise your clients in addressing complex tax matters.

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The importance of having an agreed plan in place for succession in a family business or corporate environment is a matter of great importance, as a smooth transition of ownership and control is critical to the future of the enterprise.

There are many examples of the consequences of failure to have such plans in place, in private and corporate sectors, and this failure has resulted in the demise, fragmentation or dissolution of the enterprise.

As is the case of Management Buy-outs, they are expressed in money terms following a process of assessment, projection, valuation, due diligence, financing etc., however there is also a human factor involved which, if not managed properly, can destroy the game plan or the project.

We understand both the numbers game and the human dimension and we have experience of taking many of our family enterprise clients through this process.

This is a challenging environment and we approach each assignment in a collaborative manner with all involved, including shareholders, directors, the Revenue, banks and suppliers.

We can give financial advice on restructuring, refinancing, borrowing and debt management and if a business needs to wind-up or proceed to liquidation, we can help the owners through the process. We are particularly concerned about the problems SME’s face in the current environment as we are confronted with them daily in the auditing/accounting division of our practice.

It is obvious from the pressure in the Commercial Courts and in the volume of judgements being registered, that the work-load in this area is increasing and that clients will need more and more support in identifying solutions to these problems.

We invite you to place our name on your panel of experts.

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The requirement for forensic accounting may arise in investigations being undertaken by legal advisors in marital dispute situations, by private companies/banks or by those responsible for corporate governance.

Our forensic accounting department works closely with our colleagues in taxation, audit, corporate restructuring and insolvency, corporate finance and property to establish the relevant information, particularly the facts that allow us to present our report in a timely and professional manner.

Forensic accounting assignments handled, include cases involving:-

  • Marital Disputes
  • Personal Injuries/Loss of Earnings
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Fraud
  • Business Valuation
  • Partnership Dissolution
  • Due Dilligence
  • Business Interruption Claims

If you require any further information please contact Alan Byrne at

We have, over 30 years in practice, developed particular knowledge and expertise in both Solicitors- Practice Accounts and the annual Accountant- Report for the Law Society.

We like to work closely with our Solicitor Clients and provide advice on all of the financial aspects of running their practice, to include fee targets, assessment of staff costs and overheads and of course taxation.


Our dedicated Payroll Desk provides a cost effective service in support of client’s payroll needs including the provision of weekly, monthly, payslips monthly and Annual Revenue Returns, electronic payment to employees bank account etc, all in complete confidentiality.

We guarantee a 48hour turnaround in the provision of payslips for employees, – to us on Tuesday – to you on Thursday, of the same week.


Similarly for VAT – we offer a full service in managing the VAT process from VAT registration to the processing of purchase / sales invoices, bi-monthly / annual returns, direct debit arrangements for bi-monthly payments etc. Dialogue / negotiation with the Revenue on related VAT matters including the preparation for and attendance at VAT inspection visits and the follow-up with the Revenue on matters arising.